If you’ve lost teeth, you need to get them replaced. Not replacing your teeth can make it more difficult to eat or speak, as well as making other oral complications more likely.

All-on-4®* is an excellent solution for people who’ve lost all their teeth. Learn more about this procedure, as well as why so many patients choose to visit Admirals Crossing Dentistry.

The Advantage of All-on-4®

All-on-4® is designed to combine the best of both dental implants and dentures.

While implants can be an extremely effective treatment, functioning much like your normal teeth, some patients may lack the necessary bone density.

At the same time, dentures aren’t always ideal either. They don’t always provide the stability and support that other restorations can provide.

All-on-4® uses only four implants to support full dental prostheses for your top and bottom teeth. It’s able to do that because of how strong implants are: a dental implant can actually support more weight than your natural tooth!

What to Expect from All-on-4®

Once you’ve recovered, you should expect to eat or drink as normal. While All-on-4® is durable, you shouldn’t chew on non-food items like ice cubs or pencils.

Looking for All-on-4® in Jupiter?

You’ve come to the right place. At Admirals Crossing Dentistry, we always endeavor to create a relationship of trust with our clients. We want to provide the gentle care you need.

Have any questions about what we can do for you? Ready to request an appointment? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page. We’re committed to treating patients like family.

* Nobel Biocare, NobelProcera, NobelGuide and All-on-4 are trademarks of the Nobel Biocare group.

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